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What Are the Processes in Land Clearing?



If you are looking to start a construction project, you must first clear all of the existing debris, land and any other materials off the designated working area. But depending on your project size, the land clearing stage could take a varying amount of time and could require a range of machinery to complete the clearing.

No matter the size and scope, there is three land clearing process that you need to consider before starting land clearing on your project site. In recent years, there have been a number of laws in regards to land clearing that have been implemented to ensure that there aren’t serious effects to the remaining native vegetation as well as soil erosion and climate change.

The 3 land clearing process that should be known are:

  1. Slashing
  2. Plant Hire Clearing
  3. Chemical Clearing


Slashing also known as manual clearing refers to clearing vegetation using standard tools. Tools such as slasher hoes, axes, machetes and of course slashers are used by a contractor or yourself. This method of land clearing is cost-effective and the safest way, but it cannot be used on a wider scale project due to how labour intensive this method is as well as the time it would take to complete the clearing. Small scale projects are the ideal circumstance to use slashing as it may only take you a day or so, depending on your project size.

Plant Hire Clearing

Plant hire clearing is widely accepted as the most popular method of land clearing. In this method, machinery such as excavators, mini excavators and skid steer loaders are utilised to complete projects quicker and doesn’t require manual labour. This clearing method is mostly implemented on large-scale projects as slashing would cause delays. If your project requires the use of machinery, unless you have a license to operate the machines, you will require an operator to control the machinery and complete the clearing project for you.

Chemical Clearing

Chemical clearing is a lesser known clearing method but is very effective. Chemical clearing for the most part, is typically used to clear shrubs, plants, weeds and any other small-scale vegetation. This process takes place before a burn-off occurs. In order to eliminate ground soil so the site can be prepared properly and developed to plant crops, the use of a chemical spray is required.

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