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Affordable Land Clearing & Tree Removal Services in Sydney

How Do Our Foresty Mulchers Minimise Environmental Impact?

At Advanced Clearing and Excavations, we take pride in limiting our eco-footprint and strive to minimise the impact we have on the environment. We use specific techniques when delivering our land clearing services accompanied with forestry mulchers to produce the most sustainable outcome possible. It is integral that during the process of land clearing we minimise the effect we have on local vegetation and wildlife. All wood cleared is reclaimed and mulched using our forestry mulchers. The mulched material is then repurposed as a control measure to prevent erosion. Mulch is proven to be an effective technique to prevent erosion from wind and rain whilst allowing the original soil to remain intact. This method provides minimal impact to the pre-existing environment and its inhabitants.

Why is Fire Break Construction Essential?

A fire break is a gap or strip in the land intended to provide a ‘fuel-free’ area through the eradication of all materials considered combustible. This accounts for all trees, grass and shrubs. Fire break construction provides a barrier to slow or ultimately stop the progression of bushfires in high risk areas. Advanced Clearing and Excavations use robust materials that resist the onslaught of fires. Fire breaks allow for firefighting vehicles to safely access bushfire affected areas and take necessary action. At Advanced Clearing and Excavations, we make it possible for the firefighting services in affected areas to access hazardous areas and prevent fires from spreading. Ensure you speak to our team to learn more about a bushfire maintenance plan suitable for your locale.

What is a Horizontal Grinder Used For?

Horizontal grinders are ideal for all projects involving land clearing of debris, brush, long branches, tree stumps, wood construction and demolition. Horizontal grinding provides operators with a greater level of control and the ability to efficiently achieve small particle sizes required for land preparation. The operation of a horizontal grinder also promotes the reduction or recycling of wood and green waste. Naturally, the horizontal feed system built in the grinders means the machinery is less likely to eject material and the grinding mechanism is not exposed in a way that will simply allow material to escape out of the machine. Consequently, horizontal grinding has risen in popularity within populated areas due to its unparalleled efficiency, increased safety and immaculate results.



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