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What is a Fire Trail and Why are they Important?



A fire trail is a rural road built specifically for access for fire management services including building containment lines and backburning operations. A fire trail may act as part of a control line or fire break, which is a gap in the forest or combustible material that can act as a barrier to slow or stop the spread of fire. Fire breaks can also be rivers, lakes or canyons. Fire trails also serve as places firefighters can access when performing fire suppression and mitigation.

Why are Fire Trails important?

Fire trails are an important part of ensuring firefighters can access fires and safely contain them. They are also used to assist with the management of bushfire risks across the landscape. Fire trails are costly, but for high-risk areas, they can be the difference between losing everything or saving the land. 

Fire trails should always be taken into consideration when looking into fire-prone locations. Trails constructed for other purposes such as timber production, land management, recreational/ tourism activities, access to private and public properties and stock movement may also be important for fire management and should be identified where they are important and recognised as a part of the firetail system.

Fire trail standards

New standards for fire trails have been developed to ensure fire trails meet the needs of firefighters. This includes width, height, clearance, gradient and drainage. Bushfire coordinating committees usually make the guidelines for fire trails. Land managers are responsible for incorporating them in the identification, construction, maintenance and recording of fire trails. One of these standards is a fire trail must be able to accommodate a large bushfire tanker, and the tanker must be able to safely navigate the trail.

Construction and maintenance

Firetails should be constructed and maintained to a standard to allow effective bushfire management and suppression activities. They should also ensure a safer working environment and ameliorate social, economic, and environmental impacts. To turn a trail into a fire trail, it must be realigned, relocated from sensitive or rehabilitating areas, or reconstructed to the required standard.

What we can do to help your Fire Trail Management

Advanced Clearing and Excavation provide fire trail creation services across Sydney, Newcastle and the Central Coast. After 10 years of serving communities on the NSW coast, we’re skilled at creating firebreak maintenance plans that prove the effectiveness of your fire trail for years to come. With our approach to fire trail creation and maintenance, we make it possible for firefighters to keep the community safe.



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