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Horizontal Grinding

Advanced Clearing and Excavation provides horizontal grinding services throughout Sydney, the Central Coast and Newcastle

Horizontal Grinding services carried out with precision

Horizontal grinding is a specialist service that requires the use of our intricate horizontal grinding machine.

What exactly is horizontal grinding?

Horizontally grinding a tree

Horizontal grinding is exactly what it sounds like. We take a tree that has been felled and put it through the grinder horizontally to turn it into mulch.

This type of grinding allows operators a greater level of control and ability to efficiently achieve small particle sizes required for land preparation. 

Horizontal grinding has risen in popularity due to its unmatched efficiency, increased safety and impeccable results.
It’s ideal for handling land clearing debris, brush, long branches and tree stumps.

Our Vermeer Horizontal Grinder is suitable for projects of all sizes, from large trees to land-clearing bush.

Safety and horizontal grinding services

Horizontal grinder

Our primary concern when it comes to grinding of any kind is safety; yours and ours. We particularly like this method of grinding because it offers superior safety benefits. The process of horizontal grinding makes it more difficult for debris to escape, which means there is less chance of injury.

Efficiency and horizontal grinding services

The large industrial sized horizontal grinders we operate mean we can process hundreds of cubic metres of woods, trees and debris in a few hours. We use multiple screens which give you the end-product you’re looking for.

Areas we service

We operate out of Cooranbong, but we service clients across the East Coast including Sydney, Newcastle, Maitland and Tuggerah.

Looking for fast, efficient horizontal grinding services?

Look no further than Advanced Clearing and Excavations.

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