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What is a Horizontal Grinder?



A horizontal grinder is a machine that is designed to handle land-clearing debris, bark, logs, green waste, stumps, wood construction and demolition material, leaves, and many more materials. Operators usually implement a horizontal grinder in their workforce to reduce or recycle wood and green waste materials. These recycled materials can then be processed at a processing factory to be used as compost for landscapers and gardeners. The mulched product can we left on site to act as erosion control.

How Does a Horizontal Grinder Work?

Horizontal grinders utilise a cylindrical shaped hammermill at the centre of the machine as it can quickly reduce large materials such as logs and demolition material into smaller pieces that can be refined further. Behind the hammermill are screens in which only allow for material to pass through once the correct size has been achieved. Variosu sizes are available and allow for different spec mulch . Once the material has passed through the screens, there are augers or conveyor belts that pass the material to a discharge conveyor belt which then transports the material out into stock piles.

What can Horizontal Grinders be used for?

Horizonal grinders can be utilised for a range of projects including:

  • Land clearing for developments
  • Land preparation
  • Arborist tree removal
  • Green waste 
  • Bio fuel 
  • Vegetation mulching
  • Wood mulching
  • Demolition material mulching

Where can Horizontal Grinders be used?

Horizontal grinders have become increasingly popular to operate in populated areas such as residential areas and cities. This is due to the horizontal grinder typically being loaded from the top utilising either an excavator or grapple and due to their narrow infeed mechanism, it allows for the highest possible efficiency. By having the feeder in a horizontal direction, it negates the effect of material being ejected out and causing injury to bystanders.

Benefits of Horizontal Grinders

There are many benefits to utilising a horizontal grinder for your excavations or clearing project. One benefit is that the grinder allows the operator to have a higher level of control. Having a high level of control directly affects the efficiency to achieve small particle sizes that can be implemented in land preparation. Another benefit is the increased safety of using a horizontal grinder as it eliminates the possibility of material exiting the machine unnecessarily. Impeccable results is another benefit of the horizontal grinder as it can clear a wide range of materials in a short period of time, as it is fast and efficient.

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